What do I need to market the business?

  • Get out into the community and introduce yourself/your business to every potential facility and referral source.
  • Always carry business cards and brochures.
  • Prepare a 30-second “elevator speech”
  • Efforts should be very focused on your target audience (not media advertising). More profitable to market your business in those places frequently visited by your potential clients.
  • Professional look in your vehicle(s) and your employees (uniform dress code).
  • Provide better and friendlier customer service to make EVERY trip enjoyable (word of mouth).
  • Offer services not available through your competition (package deals, group rates, flex hours).
  • Brochures with large print in senior apartment complexes, ALFs, Rehab Centers, bingo halls, etc.
  • Offer to speak at appropriate group meetings.
  • Write feature article for community newspapers.
  • Network with people in complementary fields.
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