Start-up Process for your Business

We offer a comprehensive program that covers all you need to start your own Non-Medical business. 21st Century Health Care Consultants agree to provide you with the following services.

  • Preparation and assistance with required corporate actions (e.g. setup of your incorporation or LLC, Tax ID and NPI numbers)
  • Completion of any state business license application
  • Completion of state/broker Medicaid application and application for a Managed Medicaid Program (if available)
  • Advising on any state/county/Medicaid requirements for Insurance
  • Advising on any state/county/Medicaid requirements for Vehicle Drivers
  • Advising on any state/county/Medicaid requirements for Vehicle Types and Specifications
  • Provide Non-emergency Medical Transportation Policies and Procedures Manuals and Forms
  • Provide a template for you to complete your Non-emergency Medical Transportation Business Plan
  • Provide a Custom Market Analysis to identify potential market opportunities and competitors within a 30-45 mile radius of your business
  • Provide instruction on establishing a manual Dispatching System to efficiently manage your operation and provide access to a dispatching software solution at our cost.
  • Provide training DVDs to teach you how to achieve market dominance in your community and a training DVD for your drivers on how to safely manage the customer interaction.
  • Provide 1,000 each of professionally designed (with your input) brochures and business cards.
  • Provide a professional Website for your business (with your input) and free use of our Search Engine Optimization management services for the first six months of your business start.
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